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By creating a healthy garden - and lifestyle - you will regain energy levels, help restore your immune system and give yourself and your family the best chance of living long, happy and healthy lives.


From: Julie Turner
           Barossa Valley, South Australia


Dear Organic Garden lover,

          When I was a little girl I spent most school holidays with my grandparents. We lived many hours drive from them, so I was always excited to be going to stay with for a week or two.

          I have many warm memories of wandering around after my grandpa in the garden. He'd talk to me about this plant and that, showing me how to look after them. He'd let me plant seeds with him. And of course there was the feeding of the chooks and collecting the 'googs' as we'd call them.

        My favourite part of the day was mid-morning when we'd ritually go pick our oranges. We'd bring them into grandpa's work shed, slice them and slurp away! They had a Valencia tree and a Navel, so there were oranges ready to pick almost all year round. Their home grown fruits and vegetables tasted so much better than what I was used to at home (my parents didn't really care for gardening, so most of our food came from the supermarket).

           It was those cherished times spent with my grandpa that gave me my love of gardening. I studied horticulture at TAFE and was co-owner of an edible plants nursery for several years. 

           The combination of my love for growing (and eating) organic food, along with my experience with plants led me to create this e-book on Companion Planting. I needed to organise my garden journal notes, ideas and tips into a format that was way more user-friendly - my journal was just a little messy.

           Now I can access the information I want quickly and easily, to make planning my garden a breeze! Growing our own food makes us less reliant on commercially grown foods. Who knows how long produce might have been sitting around on a shelf, or in a cool-room? Do you wonder just what chemicals have been sprayed on that perfect-looking tomato, that really is quite tasteless?

    By providing your family with at least some of your fruit and vegetable requirements you will also be helping the environment. 

Have you ever wondered why some plants grow enthusiastically, while the same variety grown in another part of the garden is sickly or stunted? Could it be that some plants enhance the growth of each other and some hinder them?               

Over countless centuries gardeners have been keen observers of nature, noticing how plants perform depending on their surroundings. When people discovered combinations that worked well or observed the relationship a particular plant had with certain insects, their experiences were passed on to the next generation. 

This valuable knowledge was considered gardening lore or myth and dismissed by multinational chemical manufacturers throughout the last century. However, scientific research has recently started to acknowledge that there is truth in many of the gardener's claims. 

Laboratory research can now prove that certain plants contain insecticides. 

There are many proven examples of plants that benefit others, such as French Marigolds that can be used to clear the ground of nematodes. The nematodes are attracted to the roots of the Marigold where they are unable to breed. The next generation of nematodes are greatly reduced or eliminated. This is an effective method of protection for a crop susceptible to nematodes - such as tomatoes - especially if the Marigolds are planted heavily in an area a season before planting the desired crop.

Research is ongoing into the benefits of companion planting, giving scientific confirmation of what many gardeners have lived by for centuries.

Finally, here is your opportunity to learn the secrets of healthy gardening with Companion Planting passed down through time - all crammed into a simple, easy to use guide.

Companion Planting Guide

You'll Instantly Discover

How to choose the right plants to grow together


Which plants you must never grow together


How to protect your fruits and vegetables from insect attack


How much to plant for your family


And that's just a small 'glimpse' of what's included for you. This guide was created out of my own need for a simple, concise system to easily decide what plants would grow the best together. 

I've gathered this information from both my own experience and from many different resources. And now it's all at the press of a button!

With the release of this guide you can now satisfy your desire to learn every secret...

...That Anyone, Anywhere has Discovered about Growing Healthy,
Happy Plants with Companion Planting!


How to save money by not having to replace sickly plants...
When you learn how to group you plants together, they will thrive - rather than end up looking miserable - or worse


How to make your garden thrive and feed you well...
You will have an abundance of vital plants, bursting with vitamins and minerals - free of pesticides - creating healthier food for you and your family


How you will save yourself time, stress and cash...
You won't have to race out to the grocery store at 5:30, in peak our traffic to grab something for dinner - just wander out to your garden and pick it. How fresh is that?


Reduce your gardening workload - let mother nature do it...
Discover which plants attract the desirable predatory insects into your garden. With a good balance of insects, you won't suffer devastating losses again or have to be spraying plants every other day


How to eliminate the use of chemical pesticides...
With nature looking after your fruits and vegetables you can eliminate the use of pesticide - no need to spray anything nasty in your garden again.


Which plants like or dislike each other...
This information is critical to the difference between a poor, average or excellent return in fruits and vegetables for your time and effort. Make it worth your labour by learning the preferences of the plants you're growing.


And that's just a taste of what you'll get with "Companion Planting - a Complete Guide to Growing Healthy Plants". This guide will spoon-feed you with the knowledge to...

...creating a healthier and more productive organic food garden, whether you are new to gardening or a 'seasoned' gardener.



Jonathan YaakobiAs a professional gardener of nearly 25 years standing, I have to say a few words about two new e-books by Julie Turner.

I've been waiting for a book like The Companion Planting Guide for a long time. I've noticed myself over the years, how certain plants seem to do well in each other's company, while others appear to repulse pests or act as decoys, thereby protecting the rest of the garden plants. Yet the information I've had up to now, has been rather patchy.

The Companion Planting Guide systematically lays down which plants go with what, while detailing the pest-control properties of many species. It is an indispensable reference that I now use in my commercial gardening work.

The Organic Food Gardening Beginners Manual also contains stacks of information for the professional and non-professional alike. As my niche is ornamental gardening and design, I've learned a tremendous amount from the countless gems and insights on organic food growing.

But Gardening is a lot more than information and expertise. While Julie writes with professional authority, her books exude love and passion for horticulture and growing healthy food.

The great thing about gardening is that you never stop learning, and I am grateful to Julie Turner for the opportunity to learn a lot more.

Jonathan Yaakobi - Israel




     So how much does it cost to get this guide?

That is probably the wrong question. What you should be asking is how much will it cost you in plants, time, money, effort and yields if you don't find successful ways of creating your own organic food garden? 

This is my first e-book, so I'm releasing it at the bargain basement price of not 29, just $19

Why this ridiculously low price?

   Here's why:

Because there aren't the usual hassles of shipping, handling, printing and other overhead costs I want to pass on my savings to you by way of a lower price.

   And also because I'm making it my mission to to get this guide into the hands of as many organic gardening lovers like you as possible, and a higher price might be unaffordable for some people.

   And here's the exciting part....

You Can Read It For FREE, (well Almost)

   Here's how it works. I believe in my product - so I want to put my money where my mouth is. After you have ordered now, I give you 2 months to read, absorb and use all that you learn from the guide and won't consider it to be a final sale until that time is up.

   You can relax and use the guide knowing that I am shouldering the entire risk of your purchase. If you don't benefit from the information, or don't like the guide for whatever reason - or no reason at all - you will get back every single cent. And you don't have to give me a reason why if you don't want to. 

You Can Be Reading This In 90 Seconds From Now!

   This guide is downloadable instantly, so you have no shipping and handling costs, and no waiting for the mailman to arrive. That's another few dollars you can keep in your pocket.

And There's More For You in store...

I want to go the extra mile for you, to reward you for your trust in me, 

for giving my Companion Planting Guide a try.


Here's the excellent deal!  


If you order now you will receive 

2 carefully chosen FREE BONUS GIFTS valued at $23.90


Bonus 2: 4 Year Plot Rotation Plan

4 Year Plot Rotation

Value - US$9.95

This rotation plan gives you a four year rotation for the most common vegetable families. Lean how to rotate your crops for higher yields and reduce the risk of soil bourn disease.

Bonus 3: Natural Pest & Disease Deterrents

Natural Pest & Disease Deterrents

Value - US$13.95

This report lists numerous plants and the effects they have on pests. There is also a table listing plants that are hosts to predatory insects, a table of plants used to create natural insecticides and what they control. Learn what natural solutions there are to ridding your garden of snails and slugs, mealy bugs, scale and other nasties! Plus 'how to' methods of making your own natural insecticides.


protect your tender seedlings from snails & slugs


learn a simple solution to rid your plants of mealy bugs


attract predatory insects to protect your plants naturally


learn what plants deter which pests


make your own effective oil spray


get rid of those chemical cocktails

100% Risk-Free Guarantee

Here's how to get your copy right now

Get your credit card out right now and click on the order link below. You will be taken to a secure server. ClickBank sells my products - they are a trusted online retailer, specializing in digitally delivered products.

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And finally, I understand that I am ordering today through a 100% secure server and my purchase is completely safe.

Special Price Today: $19

Wishing you years of productivity and health in organic gardening,
using your Companion Planting Guide!

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Julie Turner

 Julie Turner - Green Fingers Extraordinaire :-)

P.S. Remember, you're getting US$23.90 worth of organic gardening bonuses included for just a fraction of that price. All the information you need to start creating your own organic food garden. So if you want to start feeling healthier, providing your family with organically grown food and reduce your carbon footprint, this is the information you've been waiting for. 

Just to recap:


Companion Planting Guide $29.00
Four Year Rotation Plan $9.95
Natural Pest & Disease Deterrents $13.95
TOTAL $52.90
Your Special Introductory Cost $19

But only while this special offer lasts - so secure this deal and all the others bonuses now...

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