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Organic Food Gardening Beginnerís Manual

Author: Julie Villani


There are thousands of books about gardening, including organic gardening, so one more stands the risk of being lost in the clutter.  Some of them deserve to be lost, but others donít and one such is Julie Villani ís book Organic Food Gardening Beginnerís Manual.

Julie writes to her title and really does concentrate on giving important information so necessary for a beginner.  And she does it well.  She arranges her book very logically, going from planning your garden, through preparing the soil, to planting, feeding and watering and much, much more.  Each section is to the point and goes into sufficient detail that a beginner gardener will readily appreciate.

Many books, even so-called beginners books, make the mistake of assuming knowledge, but Julie does not fall into that trap and explains carefully all the steps involved in every aspect of her topics.  She avoids being patronising or Ďpreachyí and writes in a very nice direct style that is eminently readable.

This is a book full of information and any aspiring gardener, organic or otherwise, will learn lots from it.  Julie ís book will prove a significant help in getting new gardeners the maximum pleasure and productivity from gardening.  There are a few minor imperfections, but they are very minor and are not important.

1 stop organic gardening book review

I sincerely recommend this book to any aspiring organic gardener. 



John Walters


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