Pickled Beetroot Recipe

OK, as promised, here’s my recipe for the beetroot I pickled mid summer – grown in my organic vegetable garden. Pickled Beetroot Ingredients Up to 2kg fresh beetroot 1½ litres vinegar – either malt vinegar or wine vinegar, depending on what you prefer 1 tablespoon whole coriander seeds 1 tablespoon whole peppercorns About 10 whole […]

Quinces To Jam – From My Organic Garden

Quinces are a fruit you don’t hear much of any more. There’s the odd tree at an abandoned house garden, but people just don’t seem to include them in their organic gardens. Well, I do! I’ve just made a batch of quince jam. It’s delicious. My grandma used to make it, as well as preserved […]

My Organic Leek & Zucchini Soup Recipe

Seeing as I’m still getting an overwhelming amount of both blackjack and lebanese zucchinis from my organic garden, I’ve had to come up with as many ways to use them as possible. We’ve enjoyed zucchinis in stir-frys, roasted, barbequed, raw in salads, but my favourite way is turned into a nourishing soup. Leek & Zucchini […]

Home-made Organic Tomato Sauce

Hi there, here’s the pics from my sauce making. Usually I’d use bigger tomatoes, but my saucing tomatoes didn’t do so well this year. I didn’t have room to plant them in the improved raised bed, so they ended up in very sandy soil. So I picked about 70% of my ripe Tommy Toes and […]