Another Tip For Growing Basil

I was just thinking about the earlier post I made on Thinning Out Your Seedlings and I have another tip for growing basil for you. You could just let your basil plants grow into whatever form they take, or you could pinch out the growing tip when they’re about 15-20cm tall (6 to 8 inches). […]

Herbs In Flower In My Organic Garden

The most beautiful herb that I have flowering in my organic garden at the moment is the garlic chives. Their clusters of dainty white, star-shaped flowers are just gorgeous. They seem to be hardier than my ordinary chives – they’ll tolerate drought and frost in my garden. So it’s great to have them available to […]

Always Great To Have Lots Of Parsley In My Organic Garden

Here I go ranting about herbs again! Parsley has to be one of my all time favourites. And it’s a herb that most people like and it looks good on your plate or in a sandwich or on your scrambled eggs. Do you grow it in your organic garden? It’s quite an easy plant to […]

Include Lebanese Cress Somewhere In Your Organic Garden

yes, I love herbs. I must admit, I’m hooked. Just imagine how dull life might be without them! One lesser known herb that I’m really getting into now (and wanted to share) is Lebanese Cress. There’s some debate over the botanical name, but take a look at my website plant profile to see what it […]

Spring Vegetables From My Organic Garden

Organic gardening is such a pleasure through the milder months here in South Australia. It’s mid spring now and that’s why I’ve not had much time to write here… sorry! Not only am I spending time in my veggie garden, but I’m constantly potting up my herbs to sell at the Barossa Farmer’s Market each […]

Come & See The Gorgeous Open Garden At Jacob Creek Retreat

Just a quick post here to let anyone in South Australia know about a gorgeous garden I had the privilege of visiting recently. It’s at the Jacob Creek Retreat in the Barossa Valley. The great news is that they are having an open garden weekend this weekend coming – that is Saturday 8th and Sunday […]

Spring Is Such A Busy Time In My Organic Garden

Wow, I’m a bit embarrased to say that I’ve hardly posted at all in my blog this month. Now it’s not like I’ve been slacking off or anything. Spring is just so demanding on organic gardeners. Not to mention the fact that I’m producing potted herbs to sell at the market every week and of […]

Grow Lovage In Your Organic Garden

Here’s a great perennial herb to grow in your organic garden. It’s called lovage, with the botanical name Levisticum officinale. It’s like many herbs, in that it has multiple uses – in fact lovage has many, many uses. For starters, it grows all year round in temperate climates. So you can have a celery type […]

Have You Tried Growing Laksa Plant (Vietnamese Mint) In Your Organic Garden?

What a gorgeous plant. Yes, I mean both to look at and the flavour… it’s divine! It’s a recent discovery of mine. I don’t know why I had never heard of it until recently, but I’m so glad that it’s part of my organic garden now. Perhaps I should say part of my collection of […]

Growing Stevia In My Organic Garden

I just want to show you quickly how some plants die down through winter, and then rejuvinate themselves as soon as it starts to get warmer again. Here’s a photo of my Stevia plant. Stevia’s the sweetner herb. You dry the leaves and use them as a sugar substitute. This is when I first bought […]