Heirloom Cucumber From My Organic Garden.

OK, I talked about this Armenian cucumber (heirloom variety) I grew this season in a recent post and how I would give it a taste test review. Well as you can see this one is almost gone ’cause it’s absolutely delicious. It has quite a few seeds, but they don’t bother me – like any […]

Heirloom cucumber in my organic garden.

I like surprises, so I always include a few things I’ve never grown before in my planting plan for the summer season. This year I’ve grown some heirloom tomatoes (my favourite is the Tigerella) and an heirloom cucumber that I grew from seed called “Armenian”. The packet says the cucumbers can grow 60 – 90cm […]

So many tomatoes!

Wow, it always thrills me when I see how much produce can come from such a small area! If you’re thinking about organic gardening and don’t know where to start, check out my e-book “Organic Food Gardening for Beginners“. I picked a heap of my small tomatoes yesterday. Mostly they are “Tommy Toe”, but some […]