Organic Gardening With Good Companion Plants

I’m a strong believer in organic gardening (as you might have guessed) and one technique I love to use is Companion Planting. Basically, planting groups of plants together that help each other in some way. Often it’s to confuse insects with a vast variety of smells or textures. Some plants benefit others by attracting pollinators […]

Organic Gardening With Companion Planting

Companion planting is one system that many organic gardeners use to help keep plants healthy and reduce pest problems by working with nature. Growing different types of plants close together often confuses pests, so that they don’t find your great row of carrots, say, and munch all the way through the row to the end […]

Just What Is Organic Gardening?

If you’ve ever wondered just what is organic gardening, you’re probably not alone. There is a movement sweeping across the western world that has a lot of people going back to the old ways in an effort to live greener, healthier lives. Essentially the difference between gardening and organic gardening is that if you’re gardening […]

Gorgeous Autumn Day In My Organic Garden

Today was a perfect day to spend in my organic garden. There was a bright blue sky, with occasional whispy, white clouds passing on a just a breath of air. I pottered around my garden for most of the afternoon. Tidying this, pulling up that… throwing bits to the chooks. My organic veggie garden’s become […]

Companion Planting in my Organic Garden

A great system I use in my organic garden is Companion Planting. I’ve found that I have very few insect or pest problems and I credit it mostly to the fact that I use companion planting techniques. It also means that I plant my veggies more densely than if they were grown in rows on […]

Grow Veggies In Your Own Organic Food Garden

Hi, I started my organic gardening website about 18 months ago and thought it was about time I started a blog so that anyone interested could keep up to date with what I’m doing in my organic garden. You might even pick up a few tips and techniques in my posts to use in your […]