Growing Organic Tomatoes

I wasn’t going to put in a veggie garden this season as I have VERY limited water – no mains, so whatever rain I can catch and store. Not to mention the fact that I’m full on renovating! But I just can’t help myself. I love growing my own veggies and particularly my own tomatoes. […]

Becoming Self Sufficient

Well it’s been ages since I’ve put up a new post. It’s not because it’s winter here in South Australia. I’ve moved into my farm house. That sounds all right really, doesn’t it? The thing is, I don’t have mains power or water, so I’m devoting as much of my time possible to getting this […]

Another Tip For Growing Basil

I was just thinking about the earlier post I made on Thinning Out Your Seedlings and I have another tip for growing basil for you. You could just let your basil plants grow into whatever form they take, or you could pinch out the growing tip when they’re about 15-20cm tall (6 to 8 inches). […]

Organic Growing Tips For Juicy Tomatoes

While we’re getting ready for the big chill here in South Australia it occurs to me that if you live in the Northern Hemisphere your days are getting longer and warmer… the spring bulbs are delighting you with glorious colors and fragrances. So my question to you is “Have you started your veggie patch yet? […]

Pine Needles Keep Soil pH Acidic For Blueberries

Are you growing blueberries in your organic garden? I’ve got a few blueberry plants growing in 10″ pots. We’ll be moving soon, so I didn’t want to put them in the ground and I was curious to how well they’d grow and fruit in pots. I potted them up into the 10″ pots about 6 […]

Setting Up Your Organic Garden

One of the first things you’ll want to do when you start organic gardening is to set up some irrigation. It really saves you sooooo…. much time, and water in fact. You can include a timer tap to your system and know that you are giving your vegetables a deep watering, which is exactly what […]

Herbs In Flower In My Organic Garden

The most beautiful herb that I have flowering in my organic garden at the moment is the garlic chives. Their clusters of dainty white, star-shaped flowers are just gorgeous. They seem to be hardier than my ordinary chives – they’ll tolerate drought and frost in my garden. So it’s great to have them available to […]

Organic Gardening With Good Companion Plants

I’m a strong believer in organic gardening (as you might have guessed) and one technique I love to use is Companion Planting. Basically, planting groups of plants together that help each other in some way. Often it’s to confuse insects with a vast variety of smells or textures. Some plants benefit others by attracting pollinators […]

Always Great To Have Lots Of Parsley In My Organic Garden

Here I go ranting about herbs again! Parsley has to be one of my all time favourites. And it’s a herb that most people like and it looks good on your plate or in a sandwich or on your scrambled eggs. Do you grow it in your organic garden? It’s quite an easy plant to […]

Include Lebanese Cress Somewhere In Your Organic Garden

yes, I love herbs. I must admit, I’m hooked. Just imagine how dull life might be without them! One lesser known herb that I’m really getting into now (and wanted to share) is Lebanese Cress. There’s some debate over the botanical name, but take a look at my website plant profile to see what it […]