Meet Our Day Old Chicks

OK, as promised….  I’m posting again!!!   🙂 I just had to share my little babies with you. This is a photo of them at 2 days old. Their feathers have fluffed up and they’re alert and absolutely gorgeous. Aren’t they ever so cute? We bought an incubator just before Christmas and these little ones are […]

Protecting Our Organic Food Plants From Our Chickens

I’ve alway thought that having chickens is a great advantage to any organic gardening /permaculture system. I mean they provide you with eggs, meat (if you’re that way inclined), chicks if you have a rooster, fertilizer – and they eat bugs and weeds if you’ve got somewhere for them to forage. Trouble is, they can […]

Our New Rooster In The Garden

A few days ago we were given a new rooster. He’s gorgeous and is a big hit with my girls (the hens). Take a look at them here, scratching around free-ranging in a weedy part of our yard. They have a run as part of where they are locked up at night, but they love […]

Organically Grown Broad Beans Cope With Frost

I walked past my organic veggie garden a day or two ago on my way to feed the chooks, and to my horror my 30cm tall (12 inches) broad beans were all bent over. I was mortified! Then I took in the surrounding landscape…. misty, very cold, crunching sound as I walked… yes, there was […]

Using Herbs From My Organic Garden

If you’ve read a few of my posts, you’ll have already worked out that I really love herbs. I mean, they are just such wonderful and versatile plants. They have so many gorgeous scents and flavours and there’s one for just about everything that ails you. But it’s not just people that can benefit from […]

Comfrey Has Many Uses In My Organic Garden

Comfrey is a wonderful herb to grow. It has multiple uses in my organic gardening “system”. Here are some of the ways I use comfrey: I use the leaves as an activator in my compost heap the chooks benefit from a few leaves being thrown into them to “self medicate” every now and then The […]

Keeping Chickens To Compliment Your Organic Garden

I’ve kept chickens for as long as I’ve been organic gardening. They are just so beneficial and align well with the principles of organic gardening. My girls provide us both with eggs, chicken manure and entertainment. They really are quite funny animals in a quirky way. Anyway, we’ve recently bought a paper shredder. Most of […]

Organic Gardening With Home-Made Liquid Fertilizer

Every few weeks the plants in your organic garden will benefit from a liquid feed. This gives them a little boost, especially green leafy vegetables. It’s not that difficult to make your own organic fertilizer – you just need to make sure that whatever you’re using has not been exposed to chemicals. This is pretty […]

Fox right at the Chicken Coop Gate

Just a quick note here today for those of us lucky enough to have chickens. I love my girls so much – they are a delight to have around, even though they are in only a small part of the yard. Their coop and run is right next to my organic garden area though, so […]

Organic Gardening with Chickens

I want to introduce you to my 4 girls – well, they’re chickens actually. My husband gave them to me for my birthday (along with some other gifts) a few months ago. The pic to the left is before we got the chickens. The yard hasn’t been used for anything for a long time. And […]