Red Pepper And Garlic Spray

I want to say a quick thanks to Tony Lawrence for emailing me with a tip to keep the rabbits off my organic veggie garden. He suggests trying a red pepper and garlic spray. I presume he means using both ingredients together and to spray over the plants that the rabbits find most tasty.

I don’t have much growing at the moment. The lack of available water on my property has been a HUGE problem. But I have managed to keep a few things alive. The rosemary and savoury are growing vigorously. The parsley is past its best, but still usable. A couple of sage plants have pulled through and the peppermint pelargonia is pretty much indestructable. Garlic chives are doing better than the plain chives.

But I’m putting in another small area of garden with lettuce, raddish, parsley, coriander, rocket, basil and a lebanese zucchini. I know it’s late for zucchini, but I think it will still produce something – they usually grow until May or so for me here, so I’m giving it a try.

I’ll have photos next post.

Happy Organic Gardening, Healthy Living…


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3 Responses to “Red Pepper And Garlic Spray”

  1. Hi Julie

    Have a look at my website and see the two pics submitted by one of my SA customers. You will note that her garden under GrowCover survived the hot weather very nicely. Please consider!


  2. Hi John,
    yes, I think your product is fantastic for our climate. In South Australia we had a row of days over 40degrees C, and many plants suffered. Your product have proven its virtue with your customer photos.
    Does it keep the rabbits out???

  3. hi,
    ..just to add re; the garlic/pepper spray..

    I add 50% veg oil to the mix , chillies [hottest I can find] and the garlic then blend the lot up, strain and spary away…
    great for keeping bugs off …but the rabbits seem to like spicy food round my neck ‘o the woods..


    btw; I enjoy the regular emails and the blog very, very much ..keep keepin on 🙂

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