Always Great To Have Lots Of Parsley In My Organic Garden

Here I go ranting about herbs again! Parsley has to be one of my all time favourites. And it’s a herb that most people like and it looks good on your plate or in a sandwich or on your scrambled eggs. Do you grow it in your organic garden?

It’s quite an easy plant to grow. If you use a lot of parsley then it pays to have several plants. I grow both curley parsley and the flat leaf (Italian) parsley.

Here’s a photo of some young curley plants I’ve got growing.

Curley leaf parsley in my organic garden

Parsley will grow from seed, but it takes a long time to germinate – between 5 & 6 weeks (plant in spring). So don’t give up, just keep those seeds moist! You can save your own seed if you let some of your plants flower. They get quite straggly, but I don’t mind that.

Also, parsley are biennial, which means they go to seed in their second season. So if you plant some every season, you’ll always have oodles of parsley at your fingertips.

They are not really demanding plants. If you’re picking regularly like I do, then you’ll need to fertilize (organic fertilizer of course) every month or so and just keep the water up to them – especially in really hot weather.

I believe parsley is good for helping reduce high blood pressure, so if you have this problem you might want to ask your naturopath about it.

Happy Organic Gardening, Healthy Living…

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