Seed Collecting In My Organic Garden

I’ve been so busy this season in my organic garden and with my herb nursery that again I must apologise for taking so long to get a current post up….   very sorry. But it’s been so hot this past week that I’ve had to get any gardening and watering done in the cool of the early morning or evening, which has given me some time to catch up on a few indoor activities where it’s air conditioned.

And when I say hot, I mean heat wave. I think we’ve had a week of temperatures over or around 40 degrees C. One day it got to 45.7, now that’s 114 degrees fahrenheit if you’re wondering. And we’ve still got a week of 35 – 40 degrees to look forward to!

Seeing as it’s so hot here, I thought I’d share some seed saving tips. You need to wait until your seeds or pods have completely dried. If it has rained at all, or you have any dew at all you’ll need to wait until it has evaporated. Late in the day is usually a good time to collect your seed.

I usually pick off the pods (if it’s peas or beans), or little umbrellas (for all in the parsley family), or stalks for a lot of herbs, then leave them a few more days or a week – then clean them up further.

Once you’ve got the seeds out of their capsules or in their ‘naked’ state, it’s a really good idea to label them with what seed they are, when (and maybe where) they were collected. This way when you come to use them next season, you’ll know exactly what they are and how old they are.

Broad Beans in my Organic Garden

These are my broad beans growing through winter. They got to at least twice this height, about 1.5 metres tall. Just by the way, I harvested enough beans from this small plot to sell about 3kg at our Farmer’s Market each week, for about 6 weeks.

Broad Beans in my Organic Garden ready for seed saving

This is what beans need to look like before you save the seeds for next season. Yes….  I know it’s really messy and it does tie up the space for a while, but if you want to be self sufficient this really is a great way to go.

Personally I don’t mind how it looks – what I see is next years potential beans!!! I mean really, how cool is that?

OK, that’s all I’ve got for now, but I’ll will absolutely be posting again in the next few days.

Happy Organic Gardening, Healthy Living…

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